Divider Case, Clear/Turquoise


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Divided Case - clear base with Aqua Chrome latches and Molokai Tint tray 13.375"L x 10.75"W x 2.5"H. The Divided Case is a multi-purpose clear storage solution for crafting, beauty, office, hardware and other hobbies. The slim shape makes this a perfect grab and go storage container. Indexing feet allow the Divided Cases to stack securely and support ribs in back enable vertical storage. The three tinted trays are removable to allow you to customize your storage space. The long trays will accommodate items such as scissors, paintbrushes, pencils, glue and other tool, while the six compartment tray is perfect for keeping smaller items contained. Color accent latches secure the lid to the base, keeping contents in their compartment. When in use, the hinged lid opens easily and stays attached so it cannot be misplaced.

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