In-Wall 30-Minute Switch Timer, White


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59714 30-Minute Switch Timer for Outlet and Appliance, 1-Pack, White Just set it and forget it! Install this unit in place of existing wall switches to bring ease to your life. It can automatically turn off bathroom fans, lights and more. Your possibilities are endless. The unit is easy to install in place of existing wall switch and fits standard and decorator switch plates, both single or multiple gang boxes. Automatically turns off after selected time to reduce energy costs with a max of 30 minutes. It is compatible with compact fluorescent bulbs. This unit is rated at 125-Volt 60Hz, 20-Amp 2400-Watt Resistive 8-Amp and 1000-Watt Tungsten 5-Amp and 625VA Fluorescent 15FLA, 90LRA

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