Paint & Rust Strip Kit, Silicon Carbide, 60-Grit, 4-In.


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Gator, 4", 60 grit, silicon carbide, specialty paint & rust strip kit, open webbed, semi-flexible design makes it easy to strip edges, contours & uneven surfaces without gouging, silicon carbide grain is distributed throughout the wheel, aggressive removal of paint & rust, fits 4-1/2" angle grinders, for removing surface defects on metal, wood, plastic & fiberglass, for stripping paint & primers, resists loading, rigid backing, can be used at high speed on standard angle grinders, which enables them to be used for extremely heavy scrubbing on large work surfaces, no backup pad is required, rapidly removing scale & oxidation, satin finishing small & large surfaces, removing paints or other clogging materials such as salt, rust, grease, oil & protective, for use on stainless steel, standard or alloyed steel, aluminum, titanium, nonferrous materials & alloys, fiberglass, plastic or plastic reinforced by fiberglass, stone or wood.

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